Fire Service Day May 10, 2014 1pm - 4pm

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The Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association (BHFA) represents the 77 full-time, professional firefighters and paramedics who protect the residents and visitors of our world-class community. Our members operate the city’s three fire stations 24 hours per day and respond to over 6,000 incidents a year. These incidents require firefighters to call on their expertise in firefighting, emergency medical services, hazardous material operations and technical rescue.  Beverly Hills Firefighters provide the community with the highest level of service possible. Since firefighters spend roughly one-third of their lives on the job, your Beverly Hills Firefighters are engaged community members, contributors to local causes, participants in local events and stakeholders in the success of this world-class city. The Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association are committed to being a positive force in the community we proudly serve. We take pride in making a difference to the residents and visitors of Beverly Hills, both on and off duty.

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Welcome to the Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association website. The purpose of this association is to provide its members with representation and assistance at all levels. We have a diverse group and promote an inclusive organization. We encourage good relationships with City Management, Department Administration, Citizens, Police and Fire colleague Associations, local charities and civic organizations and our greater community. We continue to be committed to our members and the citizens of Beverly Hills. 

The Beverly Hills Firefighters' Association in collaboration with the Beverly Hills Fire Department and the Recreation and Parks Department, sponsored a Junior Firefighter Camp last week.   Kids aged 10-15 were able to learn about the various aspects of the Firefighter's life including: physical fitness,  firefighting protective clothing, firefighting vehicles,  and more.  It was taught by off-duty Firefighters who donated their time to make the program a success.  "It's a great opportunity for us to give back to this community.  I feel a connection to these kids in Beverly Hills since I sp

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